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Registered Provisional Psychologist Andra Gramescu

Therapist Andra Gramescu

Hi there and welcome to my space! I am glad you are here.

I can help you in your journey of healing, walk with you for a time. The road is uniquely yours; I am but a guide and a support. With my gentle guidance and increasing trust and belief in yourself, I can help you reach peace and tranquility, and heal the ragged edges of your hurt.

My focus in therapy sessions is your story and your relationship to your own story, which in essence means relationship with yourself. The journey inward is sacred and creative. When I walk with you in your journey, I employ techniques from psychodynamic, humanistic, narrative, and expressive arts approaches to help you explore those relationships with yourself and your story. These approaches help to adopt a curious attitude towards the inner self which helps to explore deeper and bring useful tools to day-to-day life that bring about healing and a calm and balanced existence.

I look forward to speaking with you. Until then, I wish you a calm and peaceful day :)

Andra's fees are $180 per hour.


Relationships (with self and others) 



Emotional regulation

LGBTQ+ concerns

Life transitions





Pre-adolescent (11-13 years)

Adolescents (14-17 years)

Adults (18+ years)

Solstice Healing Group


  • Psychodynamic

  • Humanistic

  • Narrative

  • Expressive arts

  • CBT

  • Solution Focused

  • Attachment Based

  • Developmental

  • Gottman

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