Child and Teen Counselling

Image by Abdul Muiz Halani

Working with children is both a joy and an honour for me. With many years’ experience supporting families and providing counselling to children within an elementary school setting, I offer a broad framework for understanding the unique needs of children. I believe that children thrive when they have a secure, healthy attachment to their caregivers. Because of this belief, my therapeutic work with children often includes a combination of parental support and individual, play-based therapy. I incorporate a variety of mindfulness, play and art-based strategies to encourage children to become more aware of, and better able to manage, their feelings.

I view adolescence as a rich period of growth for both teens and parents. By understanding the neurological changes happening in the teenage brain, I encourage parents and youth to embrace this exciting phase of development. I enjoy working with teens and supporting their emerging sense of identity through a variety of creative approaches. For example, I incorporate elements of talk therapy, artistic expression, and mindfulness skills. I believe that unconditional acceptance and compassion are essential in any therapeutic relationship, but especially so with teen clients.