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Solstice Healing Group

How The Counselling Space Can Help

The Summer Solstice marks the first day of astrological summer, a time of growth, abundance, and nourishment.

When on the Healing Journey, it is important to allow for Mother Nature’s cycle of life and follow this very natural passage of life. This summer, join us on a journey of healing where you will learn to ground yourself and achieve peace within yourself in order to hear the stories of the Inner Self and allow them freedom of expression.

This honouring of the messages and stories, respecting your experiences, however light or heavy, is what allows for healing to take place. In this group we will use meditations, creative expression, and Tarot/Oracle guidance to achieve a
relationship with the Inner Self and the wisdom it can impart to us.

When: Every 2 weeks on Saturdays, starting with June 24th, at 3 pm for approx. 1.5 hours

Where: The Counselling Space (306, 200 Boudreau Road, St Albert AB)

Fee: $50 per session.


This group is “open”, meaning that you pay only for the session you wish to attend, no commitment to attend all sessions.

When booking online, select "Andra Gramescu" as the practitioner, then select "Healing Group"


Meet The Team


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