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Insurance & Fees

The Counselling Space Insurance Information

Fees for services are as follows:

Registered Psychologist, Andrea (Thrall) Dobbs

$195 / hr, caseload presently full

Registered Provisional Psychologist Jason Dobbs

$160 / hr, sliding scale available

Registered Provisional Psychologist Andra Gramescu

$180 / hr, caseload presently full

Registered Provisional Psychologist Stacey Bjornstad

$180 / hr, contact Stacey directly for information regarding sliding scale

Certified Canadian Counsellor Courtney MacDonald

$120 / hr, sliding scale available

Master's Level Student Therapist Sheri Watz

$75 / hr, sliding scale available

We are pleased to offer our clients direct billing to a range of insurance providers (available only when seeing a Registered Psychologist or a Registered Provisional Psychologist). If you don't see your provider listed, we are willing to work with them to inquire about direct billing. Please note that Sun Life and Manulife do not allow psychologists to direct bill their plans. 


Please contact us for further details.

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